Other Schools

Fortunately Rise is not alone in helping incoming freshman and transfer students plug into the Christian community at their chosen college. Here are other colleges with Retreat like Rise.

Imact at Texas A & M

Impact Retreat is a 4-day camp held in August for incoming freshmen at Texas A&M University and Blinn College that desires to connect each incoming freshman to other students, local churches, and ministries that will provide a source of lasting community and fellowship, built on the foundation of Jesus Christ and the truth of the gospel. Learn more about Impact @impactretreat.com.

Foundation at Texas Tech

Foundation Retreat is a four day Christian camp through Texas Tech University existing to connect freshmen and transfer students to friends, ministries, and local churches through the celebration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Learn more about Foundation @foundationretreat.com. 


Ignite Texas


Ignite is a four-day retreat for incoming freshmen and transfer students who are looking to find Christian community at the University of Texas. With a band and speaker, small group time, and fun camp traditions, the retreat not only provides students with friends and community before arriving to campus, but also gives them the tools they need to seek spiritual growth during their time at UT. Learn more about Ignite @www.ignitetexas.org.